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Is it Time to Update Your Video Marketing?

July 5, 2023

Is it Time to Update Your Video Marketing?

We’ve talked in the past about ways to stretch your marketing budget. Creating evergreen content and reusing your assets is terrific, but that type of marketing content can only get you so far. If you don’t want to get left behind, it’s important to regularly update your video marketing as well.

It’s easy to forget about certain market trends (or even social media trends) when mapping out your marketing strategy. And when a big shift happens, having older content could leave you behind. Look at the housing market right now. Prices are high and interest rates are going up. If your business is adjacent to housing in some way, you may need to pivot your messaging. Maybe your old videos are pushing refinancing. Well as rates are going up, people aren’t refinancing so that old messaging would probably turn people away. But if you’re staying on top of trends, or even have multiple videos with different messages, now you’re able to stop pushing what’s not working and move to something that does.

Regularly Update your Video Marketing to Keep Things Fresh

Finding ways to repurpose your old video is great but at some point you’ll want a refresh. Think about how you would see the same ads on TV over and over again. Gets a little old, right? Maybe you offer a wide variety of services or products. If you regularly update your video marketing, you use those opportunities to shift gears on what you want to highly. Maybe you’re looking at sales and finding that people don’t know about a certain service. Fresh content is the perfect way to help steer them toward that. 

Making Room for New Products and Services

Perhaps you’ve actually added new products and services! That’s great! Tagging on a brief mention of those to old content isn’t always the best way to get the word out. Having an old video where at the end you suddenly say you have four new services isn’t the best way to go about that. If information about them is too buried or blends in too much with older content, people might miss it. This is a great opportunity to create new content around showcasing these new aspects.

Freshly Brewed Videos

Those are just a few great reasons to regularly update your video marketing content. Having fresh videos can be just as important as your evergreen content. Trust us, we’ve helped with a lot of updates in our time. So whenever you’re ready to take that next step and give your video marketing an update (or even just start your journey into video marketing) you can always reach us here!

Let’s Brew This!