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Top 5 Animated Explainer Videos of 2023

January 5, 2024

Top 5 Animated Explainer Videos of 2023

2023 was another big year for Digital Brew. We’ve had the privilege of creating a ton of great videos for some incredible organizations. Narrowing down only 5 of our favorite animated explainer videos of the year was quite the challenge. Honestly though, we loved them all (and there’s a few we can’t share yet). But here are five of our favorite animated explainer videos we produced in 2023.

Falcon’s Beyond Global – BeyondME Animated Explainer Video

Falcon’s Beyond needed an exciting hype video to announce their newest endeavor- BeyondMe; a platform to bring digital and real-world experiences into the Metaverse. For this animated explainer video, Doug Jarman incorporated both 2D and 3D animation. Plus, we actually used the app to help create the 3D models of the characters!

Population Media Center Animated Explainer Video

Population Media Center is a video we felt especially privileged to work on. PMC works to help with global sustainability through storytelling. They wanted a video that showed how striking down gender inequity and oppression was more helpful in slowing population growth than unethical practices used in many places around the world. We were blown away by the work that Matthew Foltz-Gray and Travis Leonard did on this video.

Grow Therapy Animated Explainer Video

Here’s another video focused on a topic we’re passionate about: Mental Health. It was an honor getting to work with Grow Therapy, whose mission is to make something as important as mental health more accessible to people everywhere. We love the stylization of this video from Nadya Sudjita and Tito Guzman, and most importantly, the message behind it!

Satcom Government Animated Explainer Video

We’ve done a few videos for Satcom and they’re always fun to work on. For this video, they wanted to showcase how they provide a reliable connection whether you’re in the air or on the ground, so you can get back to what matters most. It’s an ambitious video. And so much so that we had multiple 3D animators working on it. Working together, brewmasters Doug Jarman, Blake Wyrick, and Max Calarco crafted another great video.

The Exit Group Animated Explainer Video

The Exit Group works with business owners who are looking into or have received interest from investors outside their company. This can be overwhelming and confusing for some owners. So they came to us looking for a video that shows how they swoop in to save the day! We’re so proud of our brewmasters Matthew Foltz-Gray and Tito Guzman for their stunning work on this 2D animated explainer video!

Brewing for 2024

What did you think of these five videos? We hope you love them as much as we do. But as always with these lists, this is just a fraction of what we can do at Digital Brew. If you want to see more styles you can check out our top five lists for mobile apps, finance, or even live action! The possibilities are endless! So if you’re ready to enhance your marketing with a new video, or just want to see what else Digital Brew can do for you, you can always reach out to us here.