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Should You Get Multiple Explainer Videos?

November 7, 2023

Should You Get Multiple Explainer Videos?

So you’re getting ready to head down the path of getting an explainer video! That’s awesome! There’s a long journey ahead of you. We’ve written in the past about making sure you have a clear vision for your video. So as you’re looking at your company and what you want to focus on, there’s probably a lot of different possibilities for this video. Remember, you want to have a focused video, so you won’t need to explain everything in one. You’re probably wondering, “Should I get multiple explainer videos?” This week, we’re going to explore why or why not that could be useful.

Where’s Your Company’s Focus?

When planning your explainer video, you always want to make sure you have a clear target in mind. Who do you want your video to reach? Who’s your audience? Because that will dictate how your video is positioned (and ultimately, get you the most conversions). Have you ever heard the phrase, “jack of all trades but master of none?” Well, whatever you’re promoting, you want to make sure you’re the master of it. You’re the best place potential clients can go for that thing. Remember, these videos are meant to be conversation starters, no replace the conversation.

Let’s say for example that at your company you mostly make the same kind of widget. We’ll call it Widget A. But recently, you’re dipping your toe into making Widget B. It’s still in early stages so your company’s focus is still Widget A. Well, for your first video, it’s probably best to only focus on Widget A. All the great things you do to make Widget A special. Then as you develop Widget B, you can make a second video talking all about how great you are at Widget B. Or do a second video talking about both widgets equally.

But We Do So Much!

So what happens if you make more than just widgets? Maybe your company has a ton of different arms that all serve different audiences. Then when you ask, “Should I get multiple explainer videos?” the answer is probably “Yes.” Because like we said, you’ll want to make sure each video has a clear focus. Let’s use us, Digital Brew, for example here. We make videos for a lot of different industries: Tech, medical, manufacturing, and finance just to name a few. So when we make videos to promote ourselves, we’ve made different videos that target each specific industry. People in the financial space don’t care as much about us being able to make videos for manufacturing companies. They want to see that we’re capable of creating videos for the finance space. 

So that goes for you as well. If you’re company does eight different things, everyone that needs the first seven probably won’t care as much about the eighth thing. So for you, it could be helpful to make different videos targeting each aspect. Or you could even find common ways to group aspects togethers so maybe you’re making three videos instead of eight.

Social Media

Hey, something else we’ve touched on in the past: Videos for social media (it’s kind of like our entire blog section if full of great topics). How active you are on social media can really help guide the answer to the question of “Should I get multiple explainer videos?” If you’re focusing a lot on your social media presence, then having multiple videos could be super helpful. That way your followers or potential clients don’t get sick of seeing the same ad over and over again. Just like when you see the same ad 50 times a night on TV, you tend to get sick of it.

But, something else that’s helpful for social media are cut downs. If your video is 90 seconds long, well most people scrolling Facebook aren’t going to take the time to watch that entire video. So something you can do (and that we offer) is make cut downs for social media. We’ll take the 90 second video and turn it into a 15 second video or a 30 second video. So if someone is just scrolling around Instagram, there’s a better chance of seeing the entire video. This is a good way of having multiple videos without having to completely invest in a bunch of new videos.

Brewing Multiple Explainer Videos

At the top of this blog we started with the question we get asked sometimes of, “Should I get multiple explainer videos.” Well, the short answer to that is: Maybe? It all really depends on the type of business you have and what you really want to focus on. Something we didn’t really touch on this week is updating older videos. If it needs updating, then getting a new one would be really helpful. And we’ll tell you in our initial talks about whether something might be better suited for a second video or not. Clients have a lot of ideas for what needs to be conveyed in 60 seconds. That’s great! We love talking about all your ideas. Unfortunately 60 seconds goes by a lot faster than you might think. That’s all part of the process though. We’ve even done multiple videos for clients where the intro and outro are the same but we swap the middle section for different sectors. There’s no wrong answers really. And if you’re ready to chat about a new explainer video (or multiple videos) we’d love to hear from you. You can always reach out to us here!

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