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Keep a Fresh Perspective 

September 15, 2022

Keep a Fresh Perspective 

There are a multitude of reasons why companies must ask themselves why keeping a fresh perspective is important. An innovative mindset will set your business apart from the mundane, and the payoff will be far greater than you may expect. Keeping an updated outlook will help you influence new audiences. 

Advice from the Acquainted

Our very own Art Director, Tim Spencer, has big opinions on when it’s time to get a fresh perspective and aim higher. “Whenever I’m working with a new client, there is a mixture of intimidation, humble respect, and awe. But at some point, that varnish wears down. We start to see the cracks and the usual tropes that start to feel tired.” Complacency kills. You heard it here first!

Perks of Keeping a Fresh Perspective!

You may be unintentionally alienating potential clients because of the actions you are taking, so being aware of this is crucial. Another benefit of not being tied down to your traditional ways is as simple as this – You’ll break old habits! It’s easy to go through the motions, but some of those motions may not be optimal for your business. Encouraging a bit of risk-taking will undoubtedly get you noticed. Another benefit of a fresh perspective is the ability to infiltrate new markets. This is a guaranteed way to connect with clients you may never have dreamed of! Open yourself up to the cultural differences and convey your ideas in a way that successfully resonates with users across numerous platforms. This can be done by focusing on the flywheel. Learn more about it in a previous blog we wrote here!

We can learn a lot from Atomicdust, a flourishing marketing agency based in St. Louis. Creative Director, Mike Spakowski swears by “approach[ing] with innocent naivete and a willingness to discover something new.”

How to Nurture a Positive Client Relationship

You may have the tools for prosperity, but putting them to use is a whole other story. Being intentional is a must, so taking some time to self-reflect will work wonders. Rumination is a critical part of enhancement and doing so can give you a fresh perspective to toy with. Running from complacency might be the most important takeaway. Becoming complacent limits your company and encourages you to settle for less. Giving in to complacency could be the end all, be all of a once thriving business! Choosing adaptable clients who are up for a challenge will only have a positive outcome. Flexibility and receptivity aren’t easy traits to come by, so prioritizing this in a client is essential. Not only will it nurture a positive and reliable client relationship, but it will make your job easier and more fulfilling.

Desirability is Brewing

Keeping a fresh perspective takes work. It doesn’t come naturally, but choosing to do so will be transformative. Influencing new audiences, breaking old habits, and infiltrating foreign markets are only a few of the benefits you will reap in the process. Remembering to self-reflect, stray away from complacency and choose adaptable clients will keep your company flourishing. Desirability looks like having a strong and comprehensive team, collective creativity and being fundamentally disciplined. Our creative Director, Tim may be biased but he thinks we have all three!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re in the market for a new outlook; we’ve got you covered here.

Let’s Brew This!